Exchange, Search Theory, and Buchanan’s Foundations of PoliticsExploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of James M. Buchanan, Rowman and Littlefield, Forthcoming

The Breakdown of Spontaneous Order: Smith and Hayek Diverge, NYU Journal of Law and Liberty, 2017

Positive Public Economics: Reinterpreting 'Optimal' PoliciesJournal of Economic Methodology, 2017 (Working Paper Version)


Working Papers

Models as Foils with Brian Kogelmann (under review)

Political Persuasion

Preventing Plunder: Military Technology, Capital Accumulation, and Economic Growth with Joshua Hendrickson and Alexander Salter (under review)

Entrepreneurship as Coordination 


Works in Progress (preliminary results available upon request)

Advertising in the Market for Political Support (slides)
Wampum: The Political Economy of an Institutional Tragedy with Andrew Young
War or Wampum? Trade Relations in New Netherlands with Andrew Young
On the Absence of September Surprises with Joshua Hendrickson