Brian C. Albrecht

Economics Job Market Candidate

University of Minnesota

JMP Slides


Preventing Plunder: Military Technology, Capital Accumulation, and Economic Growth with Joshua Hendrickson and Alexander Salter, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2018 (Working Paper Version)

Exchange, Search Theory, and Buchanan’s Foundations of Politics, Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of James M. Buchanan, Rowman and Littlefield, 2018

The Breakdown of Spontaneous Order: Smith and Hayek Diverge, NYU Journal of Law and Liberty, 2017

Positive Public Economics: Reinterpreting 'Optimal' Policies, Journal of Economic Methodology, 2017 (Working Paper Version)

Working Papers

Evolution, Uncertainty, and the Asymptotic Efficiency of Policy with Joshua Hendrickson and Alexander Salter (under review)

Political Persuasion

Coase, the Austrians, and Models as Foils with Brian Kogelmann (under review)

Entrepreneurship as Coordination

Works in Progress

JMP Coming Soon: Perfect Equilibria under Competition: Investment without Coordination Failures

Can Markets Solve Coordination Problems? A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation (preliminary experimental proposal)

Consumer Data and the Limits of Price Competition (slides, intro example)

Market Persuasion (intro example)

Production Efficiency and Hidden Actions: A Mechanism Design Approach with V.V. Chari, Adway De, and Keyvan Eslami (draft available upon request)

Wampum: The Political Economy of an Institutional Tragedy with Andrew Young (slides)

I use formal models, history of economic thought, and economic methodology to learn about economic theory, particularly

  1. information economics,
  2. market theory, and
  3. political economy.

"I am an economic theorist. I'm mostly interested, not in particular topics in economics, but in how economists do their business, which is what theorists do." - David Kreps


Teaching Experience

Comparative Economic Systems, Instructor (syllabus)

Principles of Microeconomics, Large Lecture Instructor and Course Co-Lead

Principles of Macroeconomics, Teaching Assistant

Principles of Microeconomics, Teaching Assistant

Price Theory Notes

This section is for short notes that cover various issues within price theory. They purposefully rely on simple theory so they can be accessible to students and non-theorists, using theory as an engine of analysis.

Some Price Theory of Buyer-Optimal Learning (Roesler and Szentes 2017)